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Webex teams vdi download. Deployment Guide for Cisco Webex for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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Download. You can find the Webex App for Windows VDI software downloads from The HVD installer (Webex app) and. Go to , and under Webex app VDI Plugin Installer, download the Webex App build for your thin.

Webex teams vdi download –


Please ensure that you are using Stratodesk NoTouch Center 4. Firstly, you will need to download both the VDI client and the Ubuntu bit plugin from the Cisco download website. Once the files have been downloaded, you will need to upload them into Stratodesk NoTouch Center.

Enable the Extension Module. To trigger the download, you will need to enable the plugins in your connection. These are the same for both Citrix and VMware Horizon environments. To complete the setup, announce the changes and reboot the endpoint.

The first thing to look for is in the top left of the screen as shown in the example below. If it only says Webex then the plugin in not connected. The example below shows what Webex Meetings looks like with the plugin disconnected.

Note that in the top left it now only shows Webex rather than Webex VDI and the health checker shows that the virtual channel in not connected. If the plugin is correctly connected, then this is shown in the screenshot below and indicates VDI client, plugin versions and compatibility. Back to home. NoTouch OS. NoTouch Center. Other Stratodesk Products.

More about NoTouch Center. Technical Blogs How to Videos. More Helpful Articles. Input Parameters. Global Settings. Contacting Stratodesk. Webex Teams brings together messaging, file sharing, video meetings, white boarding a calling. Connection Configuration To trigger the download, you will need to enable the plugins in your connection.

USB devices like webcams and headsets will also be correctly detected. If the plugin is not connected, then you will see a warning which can be permanently suppressed. However, you can review the Health Checker tool to check the status.


Webex teams vdi download


It automatically upgrades when a new virtual desktop version becomes available every second month. You can configure the plugins to automatically upgrade, by setting a registry key on the virtual desktop. This feature helps you to keep the plugins synchronized with the Webex App version. Call history is now in the roaming profile, which means that a Webex VDI user’s call history can be independently preserved across different hosts, or non-persistent sessions.

User is only warned if the plugin is incompatible with the Webex App on the virtual desktop. Previously, a user could see the warning even if the plugin was compatible with the Webex App. New Share button to help users change sharing source.

Before the meeting, the user gets a warning about microphone permissions in case they prevented apps from accessing the microphone. During meeting on Windows version of Webex App, users can receive warnings about microphone or speaker errors. Users get a voice prompt to press 1 to join, when getting a call back to connect to meeting audio. For newly supported features, see the December release information in What’s new for Webex App. Automatically Optimize Shared Content Linux thin client is not supported.

Scrollbar is not supported even it is visible while sharing contents are zoomed in. For newly supported features, see the October release information in What’s New for Webex.

For newly supported features, see the August release information in What’s New for Webex. From this release onward, the release frequency will change to every two months. We will also support the latest release and the previous three releases N-3 —see the Version Support section for more information.

This release is rebranded for the New Webex Suite. For more information, see the New Webex Suite and Branding announcement. Blur and virtual backgrounds Windows —Blurring your background makes your surroundings appear out of focus so people can’t see what’s going on behind you.

Or maybe you just want to make it look like you’re on a beach soaking up the sun. You can replace your surroundings with one of the preset backgrounds or an image of your own. Call recording —Your administrator determines how much control you have over recording your calls.

Depending on your setup, your incoming and outgoing calls may be recorded automatically or you may be able to decide which calls you want to record. When a call is being recorded, that recording continues whether you move the call to another device, merge the call with another active call, or make a conference call. You’re presented with a visual indicator letting you know when a call is being recorded. Move a call into a meeting —When you’re in a call with someone who’s internal or external to your organization, you can take advantage of advanced meetings features such as transcriptions, real-time translations, notes, action items, recordings, and whiteboarding.


Just move that call into a full-featured meeting. Before moving the call into a meeting, you can even invite other people into the discussion. Troubleshooting just got easier —You can now access detailed diagnostic information such as memory and CPU usage, configuration information about meetings, calling, and devices, as well as call statistics. You can share that information with your administrator so they can help resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Preview of shared content —When you share content, you now see a preview of the content. We also enhanced the Share content screen, making it easier for you to find the content that you want to share. Or you can choose to optimize for text and images or motion and video. Notify users when VDI plugin is not installed or a version mismatch is detected. VMWare Horizon client version 8. Log in to Save Content. PDF – Complete Book 3. Updated: June 16, Configure hosted virtual desktop for Webex App To prepare for your users wanting to access the Webex App remotely from thin client devices, set up Webex App on the centralized hosted virtual desktop HVD environment.

Step 2 Join the HVD to the corporate domain. Step 4 If your organization has its own download site that includes your site-specific Webex App , go to that site and download your organization-specific version. Step 6 Clone the HVD image. What to do next For information about user preferences and how to preserve them, see User preferences. Installation arguments, explanations, and required privileges Installation comparison User preferences Installation arguments, explanations, and required privileges See the following table for explanations of the arguments that you can use when installing Webex App in a VDI environment.

Officially supported. Before you begin This solution requires a Microsoft Azure subscription. You must have a user account with the TenantCreator role. User accounts must be synchronized into Azure Active Directory. Procedure Step 1 Walk through the deployment steps in the Azure admin portal to create the host pool, virtual machines, and related settings.

Step 2 Use the Windows client to test if a user can access the host pool. Configure VDI optimization for Webex App in Control Hub Note This setting applies across your organization, unlike the installation parameters which affect your deployment at the server level. Media paths are optimized for VDI architecture. Toggled off —Use this setting if you want to use the non-optimized VDI solution. Media paths are not optimized for VDI architecture.

To open the executable file, click OK. What to do next Note For Webex App to function properly for your users, you must use the official thin client plugin from the download site. For features, check Cisco Teams. Click through the remaining screens to complete the installation. What to do next When users launch the Webex App VDI plugin for the first time, accept the following required permissions: Permission Description Access Camera Uses the camera in a video call, or trying to open the camera in Settings.

Access Microphone Uses the microphone for voice in a call. Record Screen Uses the camera in a video call, or trying to open the camera in Settings. Note For Webex App to function properly for your users, you must use the official thin client plugin from the download site. Note We do not recommend that users use VDI in unoptimized or fallback mode. Was this Document Helpful? Yes No Feedback. Optional For full featured meetings with the Webex App , you or your users must install two separate VDI plugins on a thin client.

Join the HVD to the corporate domain. Clone the HVD image. Default microphone volume: Microphone volume control. Default ring volume: Ringtone volume control. Internal sound card: Here you have the possibility to define a sound card.

If you leave the field empty, the default sound card of the system is used. For further information, see Sound Preferences. How do I use Wyse Management Suite file repository? How do I check the version of Wyse Management Suite. Tulosta PDF. Ladataan, odota hetki. It supports calling and messaging functionality on the hosted virtual desktops. Cisco Webex Teams offloads media processing from the virtual desktop server to the thin client.



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