how to use C+Ku dual band lnb in one dish

Friends, today’s articles will tell you how to use C+Ku dual band lnb in one dish ? There is a lot of satellites whose signals we receive in the c band and Ku Band. C+Ku dual band lnb is used to track such satellites on a single dish. C+Ku dual band come inbuilt c band and ku band lnb. From which we can get signal of c band and ku band satellite on a dish.

how to use C+Ku dual band lnb in one dish:

If you have to learn how to use C+KU Dual Band Lnb? First of all, you see the photo given below.

how to use C+Ku dual band lnb in one dish
how to use C+Ku dual band lnb in one dish

Friends, C + Ku Dual Band LNB comes in two LNB inbuilt C Band and KU. Apart from this, 1.0 Diseqc switches inside C+ku dual band lnb. C Band and KU Band Lnb are connected to the Jumper cable.From which we get the signal from the same Lnb to the C Band and the Ku Band Satellite signal at Single Dish.


If you want to use C + Ku Dual Band lnb then, Set top box will also have to set the Diseqc switch.If your satellite receiver will set up Diseqc switch incorrectly, C + KU Dual Band Lnb will not work correctly.

C+KU Band Dual Lnb Diseqc switch Setting:

To set up two satellites in one box, you have to set up Diseqc Switch.If your diseqc switch setting is correct then even c + ku dual band lnb will work correctly.How to Setting Diseqc of C + Ku Dual Band Lnb? To learn, look down the image carefully.


Within the C+Ku Dual Band Lnb, Diseqc switch connects to C Band Lnb first number and ku band lnb on second number. And inbuilt 1.0 diseqc switch comes inside this lnb. So we have to put Diseqc 1.0 on Diseqc mode in the Set top box. Therefore, select port 1 (1 or A) for the c Band Satellite and Select Port 2 (2 Or B) for the Ku Band Satellite.

Which dish is suitalbe for C+Ku Band Lnb?

You must know that to use the C Band receive the minimum 120cm (4 Feet) Dish is to be used.That is, you will have to use 4 feet (120 cm), 5 Feet (150 cm), 6 feet (180 cm) or 8 feet (240 cm) of dish to use the c+ku dual band Lnb.If you have an offsat dish larger than 4 feet then you can also use C+Ku Dual Band Lnb in it.

Which satellites can track from C + Ku Dual Band lnb?

There is a lot of satellites that work on c band and ku band.List of Satellites that can track C+Ku Dual Band lnb is
given below.

1.Asiasat 5 @ 100 East

2.GS 15 @ 93.5 East

3.Insat 4a@ 83 east

4.Paksat @ 38 East etc

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Friends, this article has given you how to use c+ku dual band lnb in one dish ?You can easily set up track any satellite using this c+ku  dual band lnb .Friends If you like this post, please share it.If you have any questions related to c+ku band lnb, then do the comments to us.Please subscribe to our Facebook page for such interactive information of DTH, subscribe to our YouTube channels Dthtips. Thanks you..


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