Latest sony network power vu software for Starsat satellite receiver

Latest sony network power vu software for Starsat satellite receiver:Friends, you will know that the software of Channels of Sony network of Asiasat 7 and Intelsat 20 from the Grind 4 Months is not available.Today I have brought good news for you that today you will be able to run all the channels of the Sony network free.Now the starsat satellite receiver’s new power software has arrived.If you have Starsat Satellite Receiver, then you can download the software from here.With this software you will be able to see the asiasat 7 and the Sony Network Power VU of Intelsat 20.

Latest sony network power vu software for Starsat satellite receiver:

  1. starsat sr-2000hd extreme software dowLatest sony network power vu software for Starsat satellite receiver:nload(V237_15102018):Click here
  2. SR 2020HD EXTREME Latest Power Vu Software Download(V125_15102018): Click here
  3. starsat SR-4090HD software download 2018(V2.42_15102018):Click Here
  4. SR-5959HD software download (V2.42_15102018):Download here
  5. SR-6060HD new Software Download(V2.42_15102018): CLick here
  6. SR-6969 HD VEGA Latest Power vu software download(V2.42_15102018):Click here
  7. SR-90000HD_EXTREME new power vu software download (V242_15102018) : Click here
  8. T13_EXTREME Latest power vu software download(V237_15102018):Download here
  9. T14_EXTREME New Software Download(V125_15102018) :Click here

(All Software Update Date:15/10/2018)

Friends, after downloading these software, you will need to extract only if
the software set-top box will be upgraded.

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Friends, in this article, Starsat satellite receiver has given latest sony network power vu software.I will upload the latest Power vu software of the other settopbox very soon.Friends If you like this post, please shareit.If you have any questions related to Satellite receiver software, then do the comments to us.Please subscribe to our Facebook page for such interactive information of DTH, subscribe to our YouTube channels Dthtips. Thanks you..


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