Montage Chipset Set-top-box Recover Software By USB

Set-top-box Recover Software by USB means you can fix any defective and Dead Set-top-box through pen drive. So friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you the complete details about how to recover the Montage chip All set-top box with USB. If the power goes off while updating the software in the setup box or if some other wrong software is updating by mistake, the setup box is dead. You can fix the dead setup box with rs232 cable and programmer. But not everyone has a tool available. After reading today’s article, you can also recover such a dead setup box from USB.

Montage Chipset Set-top-box Recover Software by USB:

If you have any set-top box Montage Chip, you can recover it from USB. The setup box below has a montage chipset.


  • SOLID 2100 PRO

  • SOLID 2100 DLX

  • DILOS3018 PRO

  • SOLID 8181

If you have any setup box of the above model then you can Recover by USB.

How to recover the dead setup box by USB?

Montage Chip  Set-top-box Recover Software by USB


If you have updated the wrong software or if you have updated the software, then the light has gone, then you will see in the box Display like the image above. To fix this, you have to insert the recovery file of the setup box in the pen drive. You have to keep in mind that your pen drive should be completely empty when you insert the file into the pen drive.

According to your box, put the file in the pen drive which I am giving you below.

Montage Chipset All Set-top-box Recover Firmware Download:

  • SOLID 2100 PRO Set-top-box Recover Software Download: Click Here

  • SOLID 2100 DLX Set-top-box Recover Software Download: Click Here

  • DILOS3018 PRO Set-top-box Recover Software Download: Click Here

  • Solid  8181 Set-top-box Recover Software Download: Click Here

Note: Friends, after downloading this software, you will need to extract only if
the software set-top box will be upgraded.

Now you have to plug in the USB port of the PenDrive setup box. After this, you turn on-off the setup box with the main power. After turning on the setup box, you repeatedly press the menu button from the remote. Now your pen drive will start light blinking. The message will be seen on your TV screen – “USB update do not power off“. Your box will start and start in 3 to 4 minutes. 

This way you can easily recover late setup box through USB. For more information, you must watch the YouTube video below.

People Q&A :

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faq1wwx6vmuc” html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”WHICH IS BETTER SOLID 2100 PRP OR SOLID 8181 ” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ] According to me, Solid 8181 will be the best because it is a new model and its price is also a bit lower and the   Solid 2100 pro and Solid 8181 both have same mother board.[/sc_fs_faq]

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