how to set dish antenna with sat finder





how to set dish antenna with sat finder

how to set dish antenna with sat finder

STEP1:      Connect ajumper cable from the LNB/LNBF to the “TO LNB” connection on the satellite dB Meter.

STEP2:      Connect the cable from your receiver to the “TO REC” input on the Satellie dB Meter

STEP3:      Turn on the setellite receiver.The Setellite dB Meter’s scale should be lit at this time and the meter reading should be around 0.

STEP4:   Set your dish to the poper azimuth and elevation setting9This information should be supplied with your setellite dish.)

STEP5:    Set the Setellite dB Meter’s scale reading to about 5 by adjustting the level control found on the face of the Setellite db Meter.(Turning the knob counterclock wise will increase the reading.)

STEP6:Peak the signal by slowly moving the azimuth and elevation of your dish antena.If the Setellite Finder reading becomes full adjustting scale adjusting the level contrl knob to reduce the reading to arund 5.(Tuning the knob clockwise will decrease the reading.) continue to move the dish until you have the highest possible metr reading and the highest possible pitch.

STEP7:  Option feature:13V 18V LED, the to indicate the polarization. You can adjust the the polarization to achieve optimum signal level for both

STEP8:   Option feature:0 Hz 22KHz LED, the 22 KHz signal of the receiver is commonly usad to switch LNB frequency between high and low band.By switching the frequency on
your receiver you can adjust the highest signal level on both frequency with the SET FINDER.

STEP9:   Remove the jumper cable and Setellite Finder and reconnect the LNB/LNBF to your receiver.


To aviod a continuous full scale reading,do not use the Setellite dB Meter directly in front of the dish.

When using aLNB with gain higher than 60 dB insert a 5 dB attenuator between the LNB/LNBF and the Sat finder.

1.LED marked with 22KHz : The receiver is sending a 22KHz signal,used to switch some LNB to the high band freuency

2.LED marked with 0Hz: The recceiver do not send the 22 KHz signal.

3.LED marked with 13V: Indicating the Satellite receiver is switching 13 V power to switch the LNB’s vertical polorisation.

4.LED marked with 18 V: Indicating the satellite receiver switching 18 V power to switch the LNB’s horizontal polarisation.


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