Reliance Independent tv Remote Pairing/Setup to TV

Reliance Independent tv Remote Pairing:Friends, Universal Remote is available with Reliance Independent TV.Independent TV remote can pair with a TV remote.That is, the Reliance Independent TV remote will work in your TV.How to pair with Reliance Independent TV Remote TV remote? Its step by step process is given here.If you follow this process then you will be able to setup the Reliance Independent TV universal remote.

Reliance Independent tv Remote Pairing| Universal Remote Setup :

Reliance Independent TV Remote 4 buttons will be able to setup you with the TV.

  • Power Button
  • source /input button
  • volume +
  • Volume –

How to Setup Independent TV Universal remote to TV Remote?/Reliance Independent tv Remote Pairing Process:

1.Press and Hold SET Key (In TV Control area) 3 second the Red Indicator Light of Remote Control From Low Light To High Light,it enter Learning mode.

2.Press Learning key,red indicator light flicker,it show enter learning status.

3.Hand the be learn remote control,aim at learning remote control,about 3 to 5 cm ,press the button of be learn remote control.


4.After Learning Successfully the indicator light flicker fast three times then keep long light,now can select other keys for learning.

5.After learning,Press SET key to exit learning status,red indicator light turn off.

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