How to pair Tatasky Universal Remote to Tv remote?

Tatasky Universal Remote Programming process:

Step 1 :-Tatasky Remote mein select button aur Number 2 button ek sath 3 second tak press kijiye phir tatasky remote ka red light 10-30 tak blink hoga.

(Press Select Key and Number 2 Key Together and Hold it for 3 Seconds. After that, the red led light of the remote will Blink twice and will stable on for almost 10-30 seconds.)

How to pair Tatasky Universal Remote to Tv remote?
How to pair Tatasky Universal Remote to Tv remote?

Step 2 :-Uske baad Tatasky remote power button press karoge toh red light blink hoke band ho jayega

(Then Press Power Key and the red led light will again blink on and off and will stable again.)


Step3 :-Ab apka Tv remote aur tatasky ka remote ko sham-shamne rekhe.Dono remote ke bitch 4 se 6 inch ka distance rakhe.

(Now Put your TV Remote in front of your Tata Sky Remote. Approximately 4 to 6 inches distance between both Remotes should be there.)


Step 4 :-Ab apne tv remote mein se Power button aur tatasky ke remote mein se bhi power button 5 second takpress kar rakhe tab tak ki tatasky remote mein red light blink ho.


(Now Press the Power Button of your TV Remote. Press button for almost 5 Seconds until your Tata sky Remote LED red light to twice blink up.)

*Step 5 :-Ab apke tv remote ka power button tatasky remote mein pairing ho chuka hai, ab aage aap aise hi volume up-down button bhi Tatasky Remote paring kar sakte hai fark sirf itna hai ki power button ki jagah volume button ka use kare.

(Now your Remote will Pair with your TV remote power button. Do the same steps to pair volume buttons too, but just press that the volume key instead of power key .)

Tips:  Tatasky ko universal karne ke liye har baar

(Every Time Press Univ Button on your Tata sky remote to make it Universal)



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