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Friends! In this post, I will tell you how to increase satellite signal strength.To see any TV Channels, your set top box should have at Minimum 30% Signal Strength. If your box has less than 30% signals then free channels will be freezing. If your dish antenna receives less signal and you want to increase the Satellite TV Signal Strength then follow the steps given below.

how to increase satellite signal strength :

  • First of all, you should not be obstructed in front of your dish.You see that there is no tree or building up to 15 meters of dish antenna.If there is an obstacle in front of the dish antenna, remove it or change the location of your dish antenna.


  • To increase the satellite signal strength, the cable connector should also be installed correctly in your cable.So you install the cable connector correctly in your cable.In addition to improving satellite signal strength, you should use the coaxial cable of good quality and keep cable length as high as 25 meters.
  • Friends, you want to increase satellite signal strength, so LNBF will also have good use. You use LNBF with a low db noise figure. As you use inverto  LNBF in your dish antenna, satellite signal strength will increase 15%. Because the Invetro LNBF’s lnb noise figure is 0.2 db which increases the signal strength.
  • You can also use Scaler Ring to increase satellite signal strength. If there is no satellite beam on your location or less then you can put a scaler ring on LNBF. Scaler Ring will increase your settopbox by 5% to 10% signal strength. This is the home remake of satellite signal strength.                  
  • Apart from this, there are some bagic features to increase satellite signal strength such as           (1) Dish antenna stand should be 90 degree.

(2) Dish antenna’s Focal Point should be correct.

(3) Dish antenna should not be bend.

Friends, whatever I tell you, you will follow it, so you will be able to increase the satellite signal strength. Friends, I hope you have liked my  post and you have got a lot to learn from this post. So please share this post. If you have any queries regarding DTH, then you can comment. Thank you.

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