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Download FileZilla Client for Linux (64bit x86). Filezilla has built itself a reputation for being the best FTP client around. It’s packed with helpful tools that speed up and simplify file transfer. The fact. More download options. Other platforms: Windows (64bit x86) · macOS. Not what you are looking for? Show additional download options.

Filezilla ftp download windows 10.How to set up and manage an FTP server on Windows 10

Download FileZilla Client for Windows (32bit x86). Download FileZilla Server for Windows (64bit x86).


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Using an FTP client enables you to upload, download, and manage files, and having a high-quality client can increase security, helping reduce file loss, file corruption, and other issues.

You may also want one with powerful search functionality, so you can quickly find the files you need. An intuitive, user-friendly interface combined with scheduling capabilities and drag-and-drop functionality can simplify and accelerate the file transfer process.

Also, if you need to use third-party connections, ensure your chosen FTP client supports the connections you plan on using. Other useful features to consider include user-friendly dashboards, alerting capabilities , reporting capabilities , and web browser and mobile access. Here are a few of the best FTP clients in the industry. Serv-U MFT can encrypt both in-transit and at-rest files, enabling you to send and receive file transfers safely and help meet government standards of security, such as FIPS For additional protection, go beyond what FileZilla offers and use the optional Serv-U Gateway add-on , a tool that relies on a reverse proxy, to prevent the storage of data in your DMZ demilitarized zone.

You can transfer files from anywhere with this feature-rich FTP client, as long as you have access to the web or your mobile device. Serv-U Managed File Transfer supports ad hoc file sharing. Simply upload your file to a Serv-U webpage and set an expiration date.

Serv-U will automatically email a download link to the recipient. You can also configure Serv-U MFT to send emails , delete files , or run certain programs when specific events occur, which goes beyond what FileZilla enables. Featuring file encryption, a command-line interface, connection tunneling, an integrated text editor that enables you to edit local and remote text files, and scripting and task automation, WinSCP is an excellent alternative to FileZilla though it relies more on a command-line interface compared with the drag-and-drop features in FileZilla.

Synchronizing files with WinSCP is simple. S ynchronize timestamps mode enables you to update any files—local or remote—with different timestamps without needing to transfer your files again. WinSCP simplifies manually synchronizing your directories with useful features like Synchronization browsing , Compare directories , and Newer and updated files only. FileZilla offers synchronized browsing as well.

Download WinSCP for free today. Cyberduck also features passwordless authentication with SSH keys, drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to create and quickly organize bookmarks, all of which are also offered by FileZilla. Although Windows 10 includes support to set up an FTP server, you need to add the required components manually. Once you’ve completed the steps, the components to set up an FTP server will be installed on your device.

After installing the required components, you can proceed to configure an FTP server on the computer, which involves creating a new FTP site, setting up firewall rules, and allowing external connections.

If you’re running the built-in firewall on Windows 10, connections to the FTP server will be blocked by default until you manually allow the service through, using these steps:. In the case that you’re running third-party security software, make sure to check your vendor support website for more specific details on adding firewall rules.


The instructions to forward a port will be different depending on the router, and even depending on the firmware version. In the steps below, we’ll outline the general steps, but you may need to consult your manufacturer support website for specific details. After completing the steps, any incoming connection on port 21 will be forwarded to the FTP server to establish a networking session. If you’re planning to transfer files over the internet in the regular basis, then it’s recommended to configure a static IP address to prevent having to reconfigure your router in the future if your device’s IP changes.

Once you’ve completed the steps, the IP configuration will no longer change, and it’ll prevent potential connection problems in the future. If you want to allow multiple people to download and upload files to the FTP server simultaneously, you need to set up multiple accounts with specific permissions. This process is done by creating new standard Windows 10 accounts and configuring the correct settings.

If you want multiple users to access the FTP server at the same time, you need to modify the server settings using these steps:. After completing the steps, all the users you specified should now be able to access the FTP server to download and upload files remotely. Once you’ve created and configured your FTP server, there are many ways to view, download, and upload files. If you want to browse and download files, you can do this using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome:.

After completing the steps, you should be able to navigate and download files and folders from the server. In the case that you’re trying to connect from the internet, you have to specify the public internet IP address of the network hosting the FTP server. The easiest way to find out is to search for “What’s my IP” in Google or Bing within the network before trying to connect from a remote connection.

Also, unless you have an static IP address from your internet provider, or you’re not using DDNS service, you may need to check your public IP regularly in order to connect, in case it changes. After completing the steps, you’ll be able to browse folders and files, as well as download and upload files as if they’re locally stored on your device.

You can avoid going through the steps to reconnect to the FTP server by right-clicking Quick Access in the left pane, and selecting the Pin current folder to Quick Access option. Of course, you’re not limited to use File Explorer as there are plenty of FTP clients, such as FileZilla that you can use to transfer files.

In this guide, we outlined the steps to get started with the FTP server feature available on Windows 10, and the steps to view, download, and upload files. However, bear in mind that you can only establish a connection as long as the device hosting the service is turned on. You won’t be able to access your files when the computer is asleep or hibernating. For more helpful articles, coverage, and answers to common questions about Windows 10, visit the following resources:.

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